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LetsKonnect and its affiliated websites are owned & operated by GoSourcing LLC USA, a leader in Online Information & Networking platforms, operating across 4 continents of the world.

GoSourcing has brought forward this amazing website LetsKonnect – An Online Information and Community website, with a whole load of knowledge to make life better for the people.

Besides being a Community website, LetsKonnect’s mission is to bring forward to the people the latest information, technologies, and a one-stop platform for knowledge and self-improvement. Knowledge is Power!

Sometimes People need a direction, especially in times like these when we all are under Lockdown and people wonder what to do, how to spend time or what to read or watch. Searching or Browsing through thousands of web pages looking for something is a tedious task. That’s where LetsKonnect has made Web searches a thing of the past for you by bringing all the important information from all aspects of life on one platform. An advanced Information and Community platform like LetsKonnect showcasing all important sectors related to our Life is a wonderful one-stop source for all Information that you may need.

Besides Information, LetsKonnect is also a Community building website and allows you to create Groups with your Friends or Family, Live Chat, Call or do a Video Conference too.

The Internet never sleeps. Online Information and Community platforms like LetsKonnect pave the way for you to explore information and create communities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

LetsKonnect gives you a high-quality experience with instant access to hundreds of Information Online for you and your family. You can either seek information, Do an Online course for Self-Improvement, Play Online Games, Cook, Watch Videos, See Product reviews, Ask or Answer questions to the Community or start a Group of your own. It has everything that you may be looking for in a website to pass your unutilized time.

LetsKonnect – Connecting Bangladeshis with Life, Friends & Family….