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QuikAds and its affiliated websites are owned & operated by GoSourcing LLC, a leader in Online Networking platforms and operating in 3 continents of the world.

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With its super-affordable pricing, QuikAds is all set to be the leading new opportunity for millions of Online Buyers and Sellers nationwide. The reasonable pricing structure of QuikAds will see even new Sellers come to QuikAds who have never used an Online Classifieds platform before. QuikAds uses the most secured payment gateway so your information is completely safe. You can either pay by any major credit card or by even other payment services like bKash.

QuikAds will reach out to the entire internet active clientele of Bangladesh. With its unique advanced and intelligent Ads platform, it will bring forward accurate information on products to the Buyers. Buyers will also be able to send a direct message to Sellers right from their account. On the other hand, Sellers will have loads of new and interesting features to Bump-up their Ads, give a Featured Ad, which will be further assisted with QuikAds extensive promotional program focused to all the consumer groups of the country.

Buyers now want to search & find products fast. The Internet never sleeps hence no Seller or Buyer can ignore the power of an Online marketplace which is the most important sales platform for quick Buyer-Seller interactions and deals. All buyers of various items around the world look at such Online Classified platforms like QuikAds to save time, explore products and get competitive deals.

QuikAds will focus a wider Buyer audience reaching potential decision makers all over the country and will put the Seller’s products, items or services in front of prospective buyers online for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

QuikAds – Will always be your `Quik’ Online Classifieds Partner for your Quick Deal…


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